The Shape of Color


Oil on canvas

Dimensions: 48″ x 36″

Price: NFS (Artist’s private collection).

One of my favorites. Another painting that came out of the Covid-19 lock down. I wanted to paint a geometrical piece entirely in impasto with each polygon having distinctly different brush strokes. Turned out fab. Even the edges. Never seen anything like it before or since. Not surprised. It took me a year to create and at least as long to dry.

I’m working on a gigantic variation about 8′ x 10 ‘ for a museum. Downside: getting super high on oil paint fumes. I’m definitely dumber than when I started due to loss of brain cells. But, that’s not saying much. Given that I joined the Army, went to war, and picked art and writing as a career.

I’ll offer signed museum-quality prints on request only, limited to 25. Price for these are TBD but am leaning toward and escalating scale. Meaning the No.1 would be significantly cheaper than No. 25. Posters and other merch available here. (Link coming soon).

PS — I totally dig the pix of the sunlight slicing across the piece in my living room. The changing shadows and colors in the sunlight’s golden hour are so cool. Haven’t seen it in the light of dawn. Never up that early.


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