Butterflies in the Garden

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Oil on canvas

Dimensions: 48″ x 36″

My other daughter Sloan sketched this out for me about two years ago. She is also a fantastic artistic talent. Sloan has a photographic memory. She can (and has) remember what we were doing three years ago on a Wednesday at 2:30 p.m. It’s super cool and very intimidating. Regardless, she outlined this painting and I spent the better part of a year creating it. The problem ( some say) with oils is that they take a long time to dry. Unlike acrylics which can dry before you finish your last brush stroke. But I like that about oils. It forces the artist to be patient. And in those moments of pause, reflection occurs. Breath. A needed rest allows the paint to cure and take unanticipated shapes which can guide the brush in the ensuing layers. A good painting is like a first kiss. Exciting and everlasting in the well of the soul.

Walking the dog through the neighborhood, the spring breezed pulled cherry blossoms off the trees and showered the sidewalk and grass in petals. This painting represents the stillness in-between those ethereal concepts of past, present and future.


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