Undercover Color


Dimensions: 60″ high x 60″ wide
Medium: Oil on canvas

Price: Hell if I know. Send me a bid.

This painting was extremely hard and just as frustrating. The point of my painting style (at the moment) is to not have a style. I rely completely on spontaneous imagination, stream of consciousness, dreams and the painting itself. The painting often dictates what it wants to be, who it shall become and when it is complete. The process is the process. It does lead to an interesting, varied and somewhat disparate body of work, however. As for commissions, I am hesitant to accept them as I never know what I’m going to be painting from one minute to the next. Best just to buy the stuff you like, and if you don’t like it, well, then try and do something productive with the rest of your day.

Undercover Color began as a study in green and yellow, then evolved into a cool painting that I hated at the time, then morphed into a third, fourth, fifth, and sixth completely different painting.  When I crested the 10th version of whatever this painting wanted to be, I quit counting. Finally, I surrendered and was going to rip it from the frame and shove it into the trash can with a vengeful and sadistic satisfaction. But instead, I snatched my daughter’s wire hair brush (don’t tell her) from the windowsill and began scraping in a fury of frustrated rage. As the paint fell away, I had forgotten how many times I had repainted this damn canvas and to my happy surprise, all these beautiful, deeply nuanced colors — hues, tints, tones and shades — revealed themselves saving the painting from certain death. Art. Huh. Who knew? — RK.

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